My focus is on relationships. Not transactions.

Always has been. Even in a real estate move, this is integral to your success. Just because you see a sold sign on your street (which was likely 2 agents or more involved), thats not the reason to hire that person. Especially to trust them with your most valued asset, your real estate holdings.

If we have ever met or you have ever worked with me, you will know this to be true. Read my client reviews and you will see the proof.

The reason WHY no one can is because I have built a world class stage that only has room for 3 of us at a time. My clients, my network of living well specialists and myself. And NO one throws a better party on that stage than I do. I even have my own vintage ice cream cart as proof that I mean business even when I party!

That's it.

To make this easier for you than choosing which coffee to have today, here are the 5 main touch points of my 5 Star VIP Client Experience.

1. Meet the Queen of Rock and Roll Concierges. This is something I worked on for years to ensure I got it just right. This is the SAME person who helps Mick Jagger when he is on tour. As she says, if she can help Mick, she can help you. She has a client list that is full of everyone from rock stars to celebs to athletes to CEOs to single mothers and families who need a hand. YOU get a session with her as part of moving with me. Learning to improve yourself as you move is key. This isn't about plastic flowers and a rented couch. This is a quality of life investment. This is another ONE of a kind element to my 5 Star program as she only does this kind of session for my clients.

2.Guess who has the top result for "Toronto real estate" on Spotify? That's right. Yours truly. Im no Drake but damn close in real estate terms :).  As the creator of the Toronto Real Estate Unfiltered Podcast (certainly your favourite I hope), I also have special segments that I do for my clients. Property Podcasts are a great way to ensure your property gets heard as well as seen. Yet another ONE of a kind element as NO one else can offer you this when selling. With over 70M users on Spotify, many of them are also listening to podcasts as they travel, work and relax.

3. I am also a Premier Agent on Zillow.com. This means when your property is listed with me, you are also featured on Zillow. Seeing as they see over 180M unique visitors a month, that is very good for your exposure.

4. Access to ViP Corporate Discounts on everything from Ripley's aquarium, Ontario Science Centre, ROM, Dulux Paints and much more

5. And lastly, my 5 STAR Travel Rewards after your big move to help you celebrate in style. Once you have completed my 5 STAR review following your move, you are eligible for a 7 day resort vacation certificate (accommodations only) OR a deluxe helicopter tour around Toronto/GTA that may include a fly over your new condo or loft in the area. Simply let me know you have completed the required 5 STAR reviews and I will order your certificate. Certificates are mailed out within 60 days of successful closing.

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